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yet to .com(e) open studioS

The four “YET TO .COM(E)" partners, "Re-Connect,” "Lodo,” "Éspace Croisé,” and "Work it Out" invite you to join the open studio event on March 5th at...

In these open studios, the “YET TO .COM(E)" virtual residency artists will open the doors of their studios, turn on their cameras and invite you into their workspace.

You can join this informal and friendly event to hear the artists’ welcome introduction and discussion on their creation process, as well as participate in a Q&A dialogue.

We are happy to welcome you to this virtual gathering. You can RSVP to reserve your place for this Zoom event through the link above.


چهار پارنتر، "ارتباط مجدد"، "لودو"، "اسپس‌کرواَزه" و "ورک ایت آوت" از شما دعوت می‌کنند روز ۵ مارچ، ساعت.... به برنامه اوپن استودیو‌ی رزیدنسی "YET TO COME" بپیوندید.

در این اوپن استودی‌ها، ۶ هنرمند رزیدنسی مجازی "YET TO COME"، در فضایی غیر‌رسمی و صمیمانه، درب استودیوهایشان را باز می‌کنند، دوربین‌شان را روشن کرده و شما را به فضای کارشان دعوت می‌کنند.

در این رویداد شما گزارشی از نحوه‌ی پیشرفت پروژه‌‌های مشترک این هنرمندان در استودیوهای مجازی‌شان را مشاهده خواهید کرد.

این جلسه با معرفی هنرمندان، شنیدن گزارشی از پروسه‌ی تکمیل پروژه‌‌هایشان، و گپ و گفت بین مخاطب و هنرمند همراه خواهد بود.


خوشحال می‌شویم در این جلسه‌ی مجازی کنار هم باشیم.


می‌توانید از طریق لینک بالا روی تصویر، جای خود را در این رویداد رزرو کنید و لینک زوم ورود به برنامه را دریافت نمائید.


We are thrilled to announce the selected #artists for this edition of the YET TO .COM(E) residency program:

✪ Irina Demina - Germany
✪ Baharan Eghbalzadeh - Iran @baharanegh
✪ Solène Charton - France @a_quantum_beast
✪ Victoria Papagni - Argentina @vicpapagni
✪ Borou Yu, Jiajian Min - the United States @mystudio_nyc
✪ tobibienz - Switzerland @tobias_bienz

We appreciate everyone who supported this event by sending their proposals. We received 167 applications. It was challenging to reach a decision, for we received all kinds of astonishing and #creative proposals.
Thank you all again for your interest in the YET TO .COM(E) #residency, and make sure to stay tuned for the residency outcomes.

YET TO .COM(E) is made possible by these #international partners:
@espace_croise_ (FR)
@plataformalodo (ARG)
@work_it_out_platform (CH/DE)
@reconnectfestival (Internet)


Victoria Papagni

Victoria Papagni from Argentina, Buenos Aires, born in 1991 is a Transdisciplinary Artist.

I work with new media and post-internet digital culture which I display in multiple formats and disciplines such as video installation, 3D technology, performance, and sound.

I attend the postgraduate Cinema Program at Torcuato Di Tella University and I am a graduated Electronic Artist at 3 de Febrero National University. I obtained the 2nd Prize of the 108th National Prize of Visual Arts in Installations and Alternative Media; I received the Stimulus Award in Object and Installation Essays from the National Endowment for the Arts and obtained the 2nd Prize “Projecto A Arte Contemporaneo” on its 15th and last edition. My most recent solo show was Monumental Fiction at the General San Martín Cultural Center and at the Carvoca National Museum. I exhibited my work in the main Museums, Cultural Institutions, and Galleries nationwide and internationally such as The Wrong- Art Digital Biennale, video festivals, among others.

I am a Professor in Electronic Arts Degree at the 3 de Febrero National University.


Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 4.02.38 PM.png


tobibienz grew up in a puppet theater in Switzerland. tobi works in the fields of performance arts, music, and theater. tobi studied classical guitar and acting, but left the university for the creation of the performance art projects "" and "prishtinë - mon amour" in Kosovo and Serbia. tobi created works in Hongkong, China, Burkina Faso, Kosovo, Italy, and Serbia. tobi fell in love with a cockroach on the rooftop of a skyscraper during the protests in Hong Kong. tobi is part of the blaublau collective based in Zurich, Switzerland - during lockdown they created the web portal and produced video art with music and performance art.  



Solène Charton

Born in 1996 in Nogent-sur-Marne, a city near Paris, Solène Charton graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure d'art of Bourges in 2020. Her work explores electronic elsewheres, those other places accessible through technical media and especially the internet.

By operating conceptual and aesthetic comings and goings, on both sides of media screens, her work questions the dialectic between "virtual space" and "real space". This semantic frontier becomes porous as the artist addresses the political aspects of the internet, considered as a social and militant space.

The different artworks then appear as many interrelated narratives of an "augmented reality", where the structural social characteristics of the real are intertwined in the strange ubiquity of mediality. For the artist, science fiction serves as an essential speculative link between these ecological, social, and militant reflections.



Irina Demina

Irina Demina is a choreographer and dance artist, based in Berlin. Irina made her dance education in Moscow and Hamburg, graduated from Moscow State Lomonosov University (Faculty of Philology), and received a Master's degree in Choreography at Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin (HZT). As a dancer, she worked with choreographers Xavier le Roy, Angela Guerreiro, Soodong Jung, Jessica Nupen, Halla Olafsdottir, etc. Since 2008 she has been developing her own choreographic projects and works as a dance artist worldwide. For her performances and choreographies, Irina has received national and international awards. On behalf of various institutions, Irina was invited to choreographic residencies in Germany, South Korea, Norway, Spain, Hungary, Russia, etc.

Her work is inspired by experimentation with body fictions, dancing on the edges between fiction and reality, tradition and innovation, seduction and repulsion, (unknown) past and (uncertain) future


Anna Borou Yu and Jiajian Min

Anna Borou Yu and Jiajian Min are the founders and directors of MYStudio (, a design studio in NYC engaging in interdisciplinary research and multimedia design, including architecture, theatre, film, exhibition, dance, music, etc. We are currently collaborating with Harvard Chinese Art Media Lab as curators and project managers. MYStudio has won numerous awards including KUART Outstanding Overseas Young Artist Nomination Award (China) and Cinema Box Competition in Abu Dhabi, etc. Our artworks have been featured at Ars Electronica Festival, ACM Siggraph Asia Art Gallery, Lisbon Film Rendezvous, Indie Short Fest, Luleå International Film Festival, YanJiao Biennial, Tsinghua University, Yale School of Architecture, Yale Peabody Museum as well as Dunhuang Academy and Tencent Interactive Entertainment Group. Our research has been published by ACM Digital Library, Beijing Dance Academy Conference, China Academy of Art Youth Scholars Forum, 20th Animation Academy Award of Beijing Film Academy, and Blink Art Magazine.



Baharan Eghbalzadeh

Baharan Eghbalzadeh is a Ph.D. candidate in Visual and Performing Arts at the University of Texas Dallas, and an interdisciplinary artist and researcher focused on the philosophy of technology in theater and dramatic literature. She studied BA in Dramatic Literature at the University of Tehran and MA in the same major at Sooreh Art University. She has been experimenting with theater arts in the past 10 years as a playwright, director, and performer and also participated in national and international theater festivals.


OPEN CALL/ Creation Residency               



Calling for artists based in Argentina, Iran, USA, France, Switzerland, and Germany. Open to all artistic disciplines that wish to engage in a virtual residency.


YET TO .COM(E) invites six interdisciplinary artists to collaborate in artistic dialogue and practice with another artist. The program establishes three distinctive virtual residency incubators where two artists can live, brainstorm, and dream about a common future through their unique artistic lenses. 


In this current pandemic, we are left with a tension of global and local concerns. The present feels dystopian. The future is unknown. As such, YET TO .COM(E) believes that sharing a virtual creation space is needed to transgress individual isolation. In spite of all the challenges we face today, YET TO .COM(E) seeks to break down artistic barriers by playfully and experimentally engaging in the digital sphere.  


YET TO .COM(E) is made possible by the international partners, Espace Croisé (FR), LODO (ARG), Work it Out (CH/DE), and Re-Connect Online Performance Festival (Internet). All four partners are engaged in digital and physical performance activities. Their curatorial practice is shaped by working in proximity over distance: fostering a sharing of resources as well as collectively devising intercultural and interdisciplinary methods for participatory interventions.


Each artist is applying with an individual proposal for the virtual residency (-> see information below). Based on this proposal, interviews will be held with the first round of pre-selected artists. Next, the curatorial partners will select six artists to be coupled up in three collaboration teams based on their field of practice and artistic motivation in the virtual residency. Each team will collaborate on a mutual proposal.


Terms and Conditions


  • 700 euros are given to each of the six selected artists as compensation.

  • The residencies take place between January 2021 - April 2021 (time frame agreed upon availability and need of the collaboration teams). 

  • The coupled artists will be provided with adequate virtual resources to facilitate the exchange and mentoring by the partners during the process of the virtual residency.

  • The coupled artists are expected to meet virtually on a regular basis. 

  • During the creation process, the partners will make the artists’ work available to the public in different virtual formats (e.g. insights, interventions, interviews, and broadcasted studio visits). 

  • Each residency will lead to an outcome. The form of the outcome is generated by the individual discipline of the two artists, their common project, and the partners (e.g. online performance project, installation, live lecture-performance, etc.).

  • All four partners will strive to feature, promote, and distribute the artists’ projects at different possible levels (e.g. online festivals, extended residencies, and virtual/physical exhibitions). 

  • So far it is confirmed that all the outcomes will be directly introduced to: 

    • Re-Connect Online Performance Festival, April 2021

    • Lodo Festival, 2021

    • Espace Croisé, activities 2021

    • Work it Out, activities 2021


Application Requirements


  • Motivation Letter (1000 words)

  • Short Bio (200 words)

  • Artist Resume / CV

  • Portfolio or links to relevant documentation of your work


Time Frame


  • Applications are due by 05.12.2020 (11:59 pm CET) on 

  • Pre-selected artists will be invited for an interview (Zoom) in December 2020

  • Announcement of selected artists by end of December 2020






Re-Connect Online Performance Festival (Internet) is an online platform that includes a festival, workshops, and talks with a focus on digital art and online performances.


LODO (AR) is a platform based in Buenos Aires that focuses on territorial, contextual, and procedural practices, as well as the development of performing arts in Latin America.


Work it Out (CH/DE) is a hybrid platform inhabiting the digital and analog space. Work it Out creates space for cooperation and exchange by means of encountering, (un-)learning, sharing, gathering, and listening.


Espace Croisé (FR) is a contemporary art center dedicated to the production and distribution of works by French and foreign artists, emerging or recognized. The artistic and cultural programming reflects the societal evolution in which artistic practices are rooted: digital revolution, profusion of images, democratic questioning, identity questioning, reconfiguration of knowledge.

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