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Where is my Nose?!

A project for kids, by kids!

Little Nima finds himself in a peculiar predicament - he's lost his nose! Embarking on a whimsical journey, he traverses different places, asking children for help in locating his missing appendage. To his delight, he receives a myriad of responses ranging from funny and amusing to downright surreal.

From bustling city streets to serene countryside landscapes, Nima encounters a diverse array of imaginative solutions from the young minds he encounters. Some suggest checking under beds or behind couches, while others propose wild adventures involving nose-snatching monsters or mischievous animals.

Each response sparks laughter and wonder, as Nima navigates through a world filled with playful imagination and boundless creativity. Along the way, he discovers that the journey itself is as delightful as finding his nose, and the friendships he forms with the children he meets are the true treasure.

Capturing these delightful interactions, the story comes to life through illustrations that depict the whimsical scenes and colorful characters Nima encounters on his quest. Whether in the form of a book or an animated adventure, Nima's journey promises to enchant readers and viewers alike with its heartwarming tale of friendship, imagination, and the joy of discovery.

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