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Curated and Designed by:

Nima Dehghani


Ava Dehghani


Mahan Hirbod - Sajad Tabesh - Diba Diyani - Azin Rezai - Sara Poursorkh - Anahita Zangi - Masoud Faraji - Zahra Faraji - Mohammad hossein Zaboodar


Fateme Tohidloo - Saeid Jamshidpour - Makan Khodarami - Mryam Zakerin - Minoovash Rahimian - Mehdi Shahedi - Nliloofar Shayani - Masoud Kazemi - Behrooz Karimi - Sajad Mirsaeid - Faraneh Valadkhani - Mahan Hirbod - Tohid Yarmohammadi











March 6th- Tehran-Pittsburgh

"Webcam" presents a pioneering online performance, bringing together a collective of live monologues performed in front of webcams, reminiscent of a traditional theater setting. It transcends live broadcasting and livestreaming, offering a unique live theater experience in a digital format.

This innovative production features 10 actors selected to portray characters in plays penned by 10 writers and directed by 10 directors. Each performance unfolds in real-time, providing audiences with an immersive theatrical encounter unlike any other.

"Webcam" marks the dawn of a new generation of online live theater experiences, pushing the boundaries of digital performance and storytelling.

Seated before the webcam, the distinction between here and there fades into insignificance. Passed seconds blend together seamlessly, rendering time indiscernible. It's a realm where time comes to a halt, leaving you unsure whether you're with him or he's with you. He speaks, he laughs, he cries, his presence transcending physical boundaries. You both occupy a space that is neither here nor there, existing somewhere beyond the material realm, within the intangible realm of the webcam's waves.

Here, in this invisible nowhere, your connection is tangible, yet elusive. His presence hinges on yours, forming an existence dependent solely on the two of you. But is he truly there? We nod in affirmation, allowing our thoughts to flow freely before we press Enter. The virtual world becomes a labyrinth of existential pondering, as we grapple with the meaning of our shared existence.

In this realm, we synchronize our watches to the rhythm of the other's time, our presence intertwined with theirs. Through the webcam, time and space unravel, merging and diverging in an intricate dance. With each click of the mouse, we navigate the paradoxical unity and dissonance of time and space, bound together by the medium that is the webcam.

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