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Curated and Designed by:

Nima Dehghani


Ava Dehghani


Mahan Hirbod - Sajad Tabesh - Diba Diyani - Azin Rezai - Sara Poursorkh - Anahita Zangi - Masoud Faraji - Zahra Faraji - Mohammad hossein Zaboodar


Fateme Tohidloo - Saeid Jamshidpour - Makan Khodarami - Mryam Zakerin - Minoovash Rahimian - Mehdi Shahedi - Nliloofar Shayani - Masoud Kazemi - Behrooz Karimi - Sajad Mirsaeid - Faraneh Valadkhani - Mahan Hirbod - Tohid Yarmohammadi











March 6th- Tehran-Pittsburgh

When seated before the webcam, here or there is emptied of meaning. It is impossible to discern passed seconds together. It's where time halts and with it whether you are with him or he is with you. He is present, he talks, he laughs, he cries. You are both here and there and at the same time you are neither here nor there. You are somewhere beyond the material world. There, on the waves passing through webcam's lens, you finally encounter; An invisible nowhere. He is not there if you are not, you are present and therefore he is, an existence that depends only on two of you.But is he really there?!, we nod and let our thoughts pour out and then we press Enter. Virtual world derives one insane if he embarks on exploring the meaning of such existence or being. We set our watches based on other's time and our presence in other's side. Time and space fall apart by using the webcam; time and space unite by using the webcam.

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