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360 degree
VR video-installation




5-channel 360° video-Performance
March 19th- April 10th
The Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University
Choreographer and Performer: Laura Stokes
Composer and sound designer: Soosan Lolavar
Director and media Designer: Nima Dehghani




September 2016 , FIVARS VR Film Festival, Toronto, Canada

June 2016 , 3Rivers Art Festival, Pittsburgh, USA

March 2016 , The Miller gallery, Pittsburgh, USA



Article in Huffington Post discussing “Decompensation”

Interview with  Nima Dehghani  in TheTartan Way discussing his work:  “Decompensation”

Article in Fivars discussing  “Decompensation”

Home-Tweet-Home or BIG FISH EYES


This project is an attempt to share a personal phenomenon. Seeing familiar images in an unfamiliar, unconscious, and defensive context. Technology of augmented reality is the only plausible media for representation of this experience. A two way relation between feelings and technology.

My current project Home tweet Home is a continuation of my investigations about immigration, migration,urban life, separation and memory.  However, memory and longing for one’s homeland play a significant role in my project.  Furthermore, my concerns spark an association with the realm of the liminal and liminality.  Liminality refers to the character of the threshold – whether understood as realized in the event of approach or withdrawal or in the transitory places in which that occurs. Yet whereas the idea of the threshold refers us immediately to something that is both spatial and embodied – the threshold is that across which we step, over which we move, in order to enter or depart – the idea of the liminal refers us to something more general and abstract, but also more associated with the temporal.

It is important to understand values in cross-cultural communication because they serve as multifaceted standards that guide human conduct in a variety of ways. Values are central to comparative understanding of peoples and cross-cultural communication. Both the Middle East and the United States try to communicate with each other and explain their policies and actions in terms in terms of important values.  Yet, one of the greatest difficulties of communication across cultures and studying values and religion is ethnocentrism.  Americans historically have been ethnocentric in judging Middle Easterners and consequently has failed to understand the dynamics of Middle Eastern culture.  The remedy perhaps lies in what might be called cultural relativism, a concept that emphasizes the need to study values of other people within the framework of their culture, not one’s own.

VR Documentry videos

A Virtual Trip to Iran


VR documentary film: 

OrdeFunded ed by Conflict Kitchen project

[Media Designer, Writer, editor]

VR Commercial videos

Let's save the planet


Produced for online meeting platform

VR Game design

H2H Snow



Produced for online meeting platform.

H2H Snow is a fun and interactive virtual reality word game providing practice in matching antonyms and synonyms. Whether you are learning a new language, or just want to improve your vocabulary, this game is an exciting way to help you reach your goals.

This game can be played with single and multiple players, and all you need is a smartphone and VR cardboard (recommended).


Download for android    ios

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