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Fresh Widow


Photos: Mahdi Hoseini


Javid S Ghaem Maghami- Ghazal Partou- Siamak Farsi- Ali Ghorogho- Darya Yaseri-Azadeh Rahimi-Somaye SheikhAttar- Khazar Alidoost- Mehdi Gharachedaghi-Mehdi Pourkhayyat - Negar Momeni- Zahra


Music: Mehedi Kamboozia

In the midst of grappling with his recent release from prison, an Iranian writer finds himself paralyzed by a crippling inability to commence his next play. Despite his fervent attempts, not a single word emerges from his fingertips onto the blank canvas of his screen.

In a surreal twist of fate, the characters of his unwritten play materialize before him, transformed into Microsoft Windows icons and logos. These digital avatars take on a life of their own, engaging the writer in dialogues that blur the boundaries between reality and imagination.

Haunted by his nightmares, the writer navigates through a labyrinth of memories and emotions, grappling with the weight of his experiences and the shadows of his past. Each encounter with his digital creations becomes a cathartic journey, as he confronts the demons that haunt his subconscious.

Through this surreal and poignant exploration, the writer embarks on a quest for redemption and catharsis, seeking solace and salvation in the act of creation amidst the turmoil of his inner world.

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