UI/UX Design

LiveH2H Project

LiveH2H is a video conferencing platform dedicated to facilitating online communication, engagement, collaboration and education across the globe. LiveH2H enables users to go beyond traditional video conferencing and online learning, as all applications built on the LiveH2H platform are supported by live translations in multiple languages to expand its global reach.


Peykart Project

PEYKART is an independent project to raise public awareness about cultural-artistic events in Iran. This project, launched in January 2013, is aimed at free liaison between creators and audience through various media such as PEYKART newsletter, social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), podcasts as well as applications for smart devices. Moreover, PEYKART will be published in English for non-Iranian audience from February 2015.


Artist Portfolio

A website deigned for NYC based painter, Dyann Klein.


IACP Project

The Iranian-Americans' Contributions Project (IACP) is a charitable, educational, and tax-exempt organization registered in the State of California and active across the United States. Our mission is to document and highlight the professional achievements and the contributions of Iranian-Americans to the United States and, by extension, to the world.


SilverberryGeomix Project

Welcome to the most scientifically rigorous DNA-based wellness reports in the market today. Access 140+ genetic predisposition reports on nutrition, dieting, fitness, skin care, and personality development. Silverberry Reports use Your 23andMe, Ancestry.com or FTDNA Data. Don't have DNA data? You can order a testing kit for $99 extra when you buy a report.


Netfrmance Project

Netformance is an online platform for performance art. Founded in 2013 by Nima Dehghani and Behzad Tabibian.


Ctrl+S Project

Ctrl+S is an independent group of professionals and students with the common goal of providing knowledge to the general public in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region regarding sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).