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UI/UX Design

The Daily Operations

The Daily Operations is New-Jersey based multidisciplinary space. Through a subscription-based platform, we will offer a forum for member patrons based on a multidisciplinary approach to curating experiences through the intersection of creatives and thinkers within the arts and sciences.

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Reconnect Festival

Re-connect Online Performance Festival is a joint project co-founded by NH theatre agency, Ctrl+Z Theater Group and Bohemi Theater Group in response to the global pandemic of Covid-19. This festival meant to bring artists from around the world together as an act of solidarity.
We initiated the festival to network and to bring joy to artists and their audience. The first edition of Reconnect Online Performance Festival took place between March 25-April 17, 2020 in 3 sections of Live Performances, Lectures and Panel Discussions.

The festival aims to bring artists from all around the world together as an act of solidarity.
This Festival is a nonprofit volunteer activity and an invitation to participate in a group to create an alternative space for artists.

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The Bridge and Tunnel

Gallery, Working space, Art shop

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Residensilk is an international artist residency network with the goal of supporting emerging artists to explore the art communities with no border. 

We strive to connect artist-fund and independent art residencies all around the world. Open for collaboration with all residencies and institutions.

We welcome Interdisciplinary Artists, Musicians, Dancers, Architects, Photographers, Video and Media Artists, curators, Writers, Visual and conceptual artists from all over the world to apply for our various programs listed above. So far, we have locations in Tehran, Milan, and Oakland and expanding our network rapidly.

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Artist Portfolio

A website designed for NYC based painter, Dyann Klein.

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Peykart Project

PEYKART is an independent project to raise public awareness about cultural-artistic events in Iran. This project, launched in January 2013, is aimed at the free liaison between creators and audiences through various media such as PEYKART newsletter, social networks (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), podcasts as well as applications for smart devices. Moreover, PEYKART will be published in English for the non-Iranian audience from February 2015.

Netfrmance Project

Netformance is an online platform for performance art. Founded in 2013 by Nima Dehghani and Behzad Tabibian


Live H2H

LiveH2H is a video conferencing platform dedicated to facilitating online communication, engagement, collaboration, and education across the globe. LiveH2H enables users to go beyond traditional video conferencing and online learning, as all applications built on the LiveH2H platform are supported by live translations in multiple languages to expand its global reach.


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