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Today, Tomorrpw,The day after Tomorrow


Said: “you will see today, tomorrow and the day after”


Director:Zohre Behroozinia

Actress"Hoda Naseh


Mansur al-Hallaj * (A.D. 858-922) was a Persian mystic, revolutionary writer and pious teacher of Sufism most famous for his poetry, accusation of heresy and for his execution at the order of the Abbasid Caliph.



* Hallaj means: cotton-carder


Once he see a shadow of a young girl, he followed her , he has a temptation for her ; but the fear of that sin led him to Sufism and after years of austerity he became one of the biggest Iranian Soufie.

This is a story about Hallaj’s wife. Each day she relates the story of hanging her husband in loneliness and madness to her imaginary newborns.

Hallaj is jailed for 8 years because of his beliefs, and at the end he is hanged for saying “Ana-l-haqq” (I am the truth).

His wife asks all of Hallaj’s followers and friends to bear witness to him in the court but everybody refuses.

She falls sleep in her madness and dreams “History” (Tarikh).

If you want Hallaj I can get him back home to you; but he will not be “Hallaj” anymore and his name will disappear from the history of human being, said “History”.

She doesn’t accept, so the court condemns Hallaj.

She bids him farewell and he is hanged.  


This group presents this performance to all women whom their men have been executed because of their beliefs.




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