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Today, Tomorrpw,The day after Tomorrow


Said: “You will see today, tomorrow, and the day after”

Playwright: NimaDehghani

Director: Zohre Behroozinia

Actress"Hoda Naseh


Mansur al-Hallaj (A.D. 858-922) was a Persian mystic, revered poet, and influential teacher of Sufism. He is best known for his profound poetry, his daring expressions of mystical experiences, and his teachings on the path to divine union. Hallaj's outspokenness and unorthodox beliefs led to accusations of heresy, resulting in his controversial execution by order of the Abbasid Caliph. Despite his tragic fate, Hallaj's legacy continues to inspire seekers of spiritual truth and practitioners of Sufism around the world.



* Hallaj means: cotton-carder

This narrative delves into the profound journey of Hallaj's wife, grappling with the tumultuous repercussions of her husband's steadfast convictions. As she navigates the harrowing depths of loneliness and madness, she finds solace in recounting the haunting tale of her husband's unjust demise to her imagined offspring.

Hallaj, a figure of unwavering faith, becomes a prisoner of his beliefs, enduring eight years of incarceration before facing the ultimate punishment for uttering the sacred words, "Ana-l-haqq" (I am the truth). Despite his wife's impassioned pleas, his followers and friends forsake him in his time of need, leaving her to confront the cruel reality of his impending fate alone.

In her moments of despair, she is visited by a surreal apparition of "History," offering a tantalizing proposition to erase Hallaj from the annals of human memory and spare him from his martyrdom. But her unwavering loyalty and love for her husband outweigh the allure of erasure, leading her to reject the offer and face the devastating consequences.

This performance pays tribute to the often-overlooked women whose contributions have been obscured by the shadows of their male counterparts in history. These women, including wives, sisters, and daughters of heroes, have remained unseen and unappreciated despite being the pillars of their families' resilience and strength. Their courage, patience, and fortitude have been integral to the fabric of history, yet their stories have often gone untold. Through this tribute, we honor the quiet heroism of these women and acknowledge their enduring impact on the course of history.



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