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in Collaboration with Ali Momeni


Transnational migration is to be among the most complex global issues of our time promises to only expand its scope in the coming decades. is a crowd-sourced storytelling platform that combines augmented-puppetry with on-line image sharing and urban projection performance. employs the technologies, idioms and aesthetics of TV News to interweave stories about the experience of immigration, with orchestration conversation and choreography in public works in several steps: from puppet interview, to international travel and memory re-enactment, to live puppet and projection street performance.  This process aims to catalog and connect experiences of immigration across time and space on our planet, and to create empathetic encounters with strangers. consists of a three layered platforms for storytelling:


  • a crowd-sourced platform for gathering immigrant stories from the perspective of two puppets with eyes (camera) and ears (microphone) who are shipped around the world

  • a live-performance platform for storytelling in public space with a mobile puppet theater that incorporates urban video projection

  • a cloud-based platform for cataloging and broadcasting stories as live streams, or edited off-line episodes.

  • The project will be experienced as a live mobile puppet theater that uses architectural projection to share stories gathered abroad; the project will also build and ongoing Time Machine of stories, available online. will be developed in two phases; Phase one was completed in October of 2014 with a series of live public performances in Europe.  The second phase will expand the platform into a crowd-sourced ecosystem of low-cost personalized puppets that interconnects a community to a global online social network.

  • 2014

  • Public Projection performance

  • Description

    Public Projection Performance with Augmented Puppets

  • Acknowledgements

    This project is collaboratively conceived by Ali Momeni and Nima Dehghani.

    • Fabric puppets constructed by Haleh Moadabian.

    • Electronics and software design by Ali Momeni

    • Media Design by Ali Momeni and Nima Dehghani




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Hale Moadabian (Puppet Maker)


Video Interview and Article in iMal Website 

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Video Interview:


Title, Date: - Ali Momeni & Nima Dehghani, 4 October 2014

Circulation: Online

Intended Audience: Artists

iMAL (interactive Media Art Laboratory), is a non-profit association created in Brussels in 1999, with the objective to support artistic forms and creative practices using computer and network technologies as their medium


Article in Connecting Cities Website 

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Circulation: Online

Intended Audience: Artists

Connecting Cities is a European and worldwide expanding network aiming to build up a connected infrastructure of media facades, urban screens and projection sites to circulate artistic and social content. In opposition to the commercial use of these urban media, we establish them as platforms on which citizens can exchange – within the city as much as between cities.



Article in Medialab-Prado Website 

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Circulation: Online

Intended Audience: General audience with interest in Arts and Technology

Medialab-Prado is a citizen laboratory of production, research and broadcasting of cultural projects that explores the forms of experimentation and collaborative learning that have emerged from digital networks. It is part of the Department of Culture and Sports (former Department of Arts, Sports and Tourism) of the Madrid City Council.


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