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Talk to Me

Tehran- Artists' Foroum - December 2012- Photos by:Mani Lotfizadeh

This environmental performance-installation recreates a prison's meeting room, complete with a portable glass divider separating two spaces – inside and outside the prison. Inspired by a line from Hamlet, "The entire Denmark is a prison," the concept challenges perceptions of confinement and freedom.

Passersby and accidental audiences are invited to stop and engage in conversations across the barrier. However, the twist lies in the ambiguity of which side constitutes the "prison" – it could be one side, both sides, or neither, blurring the lines between observer and observed.

Hidden devices within the phones intermittently emit recorded voices, possibly belonging to prisoners or a narrator recounting a story. These interruptions are only heard by the participants engaged in the conversation, adding depth to the immersive experience. This setup prompts reflection on the nature of confinement, communication, and storytelling, challenging preconceived notions and sparking thought-provoking dialogue.

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