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LiveH2H social media

LiveH2H is a video conferencing platform dedicated to facilitating online communication, engagement, collaboration and education across the globe. LiveH2H enables users to go beyond traditional video conferencing and online learning, as all applications built on the LiveH2H platform are supported by live translations in multiple languages to expand its global reach.

My role:

Design visual identity and branding material. Design UI for mobile and web applications. Social media management. Produce brand standards and style guides. Design VR apps and 360-degree commercial and educational videos. Design web and mobile friendly visual assets. Design creative posters, banners, icons for digital platforms, print, wearables.

LiveH2H  advertising campaign

LiveH2H is a platform for video calls, webinars, etc.


Posters and videos, inspired by"Nymphomaniac" the movie by Lars von Trier.
A parody of the movie poster (which shows the orgasm faces of the actors)
"What's your frustration face?"
"We are obsessed with online meetings, and online meeting platforms suck!"
Tagline:  "You deserve better!" + Change the way you meet online! 
Hashtag: #OnlineMeetingManiac i Vs. #Nymphomaniac 


VR commercial video:

More posters:

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IACP social media

IACP's  mission is to document and highlight the professional achievements and the contributions of Iranian-Americans to the United States and, by extension, to the world.

My role:

Design branding material such as logo, icon, visual assets, business cards. Design and produce commercial gifts. Design cretive online campaigns. UI, UX design for web. Create mobile and web wireframes, banners, visual assets.

Peykart social media

PEYKART is an independent project to raise public awareness about cultural-artistic events in Iran. This project, launched in January 2013, is aimed at free liaison between creators and audience through various media such as PEYKART newsletter, social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), podcasts as well as applications for smart devices. Moreover, PEYKART will be published in English for non-Iranian audience from February 2015.

My role:

Manage designers and marketing team. Confer with management and affiliated companies. Research current trends and new technology, such as printing production techniques, mobile apps, and advertising trends. Work within budget and scheduling requirements. Lead UI, UX, and graphic designers. Design logos, Icons, wireframes for mobile and web applications.

Netformance social media

Netformance is an online platform for performing arts. Collective storytelling, social and public practice, participatory projects happening on or with help of social media.





Artist-nima Dehghani social media

My persoanl social media channels.

MonoTalkhak social media

"Ctrl+S" is an initiative started in Dec 2013 by an independent group of public health professionals, physicians, and professors with the goal of providing knowledge to the general public in Iran, and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regarding sexually transmitted diseases, and sexual health in general.