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Roble Studio Theater , Stanford University


To celebrate our 20th anniversary, Stanford Repertory Theater proudly presents Nevertheless They Persisted, featuring a new adaptation of Euripides’ Hecuba and Helen, directed by SRT Artistic Director Rush Rehm. Joined together for the first time, and presented in one evening, Hecuba/Helen focuses on two mythic women who seize control of their destinies in startling ways. The ancient plays speak across the centuries, making for both a searingly tragic and memorably comic theater experience.


In the hands of Stanford Repertory Theater’s award-winning production team, with director Rush Rehm’s deep roots in Greek theater (he is the author of several books on Greek tragedy), these ancient stories come roaring back to life. Leading Bay Area actress Courtney Walsh portrays both Hecuba and Helen. She weaves together a portrait of two women who both reflect and reject each other, unaware of the threads that connect them. Her performance rises to stirring heights, with original music by Michael Keck, vibrant choreography by Aleta Hayes, and stunning visual effects arranged by Nima Dehghani.

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