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Tue, Nov 10


When Algorithms are Making Waves

Artist Gaëtan Robillard invites sociologist Alexander Stingl for an online video talk. The discussion focuses on the artist's investigation on modelisation techniques of storms within different scientific institutions.

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When Algorithms are Making Waves
When Algorithms are Making Waves

Time & Location

Nov 10, 2020, 10:20 AM

About the Event

  • Artist Gaëtan Robillard invites sociologist Alexander Stingl for an online video talk. The discussion focuses on the artist's investigation on modelisation techniques of storms within different scientific institutions. The investigation is based on his recent artistic residency at the European Institute of Marine Science in Brest. The results were presented both as an installation and a performance in France in 2019. In oceanography, waves are studied using statistical models. The evolution of the sea comes to our knowledge in a computational form. What do we face when science presents us with such a changing world? How to perceive the recent history of our environment? These questions will lead to the discussion of subjects tackled by Alexander Stingl in sociology, such as Digital Coloniality, or his recent participation in the French committee “Juridifying the Anthropocene”. The conference will also address topics such as virtuality, truth, capitalocene and microclimatology. While evoking artistic positions and environmental and societal changes, the meeting will finally attempt to debate transactions between art and sociology.
  • Gaëtan Robillard

Gaëtan Robillard is a visual artist and visiting professor at Gustave Eiffel University (Paris Marne-la-Vallée). He is also a doctoral candidate in University Paris 8. His theoretical research focuses on early generative aesthetics along with cybernetics and radical rationalism in Europe during the sixties. With a critical standpoint, it aims at studying the impact of algorithmic thinking in visual culture and artistic practice. He is also involved in artistic research programs such as Images Science and Technology (ESA Tourcoing) and Laboratoire des Intuitions (ESAD TALM Tours). In 2019, he was awarded a research grant by DAAD Germany, hosted by Compart Center of Excellence Digital Art (University Bremen). Since 2007 he has developed a practice of film and installation in which mathematics, environment, climatology and semiology come into play. His artistic work has been shown in France and abroad in venues such as the art-science foundation Le Laboratoire (Paris; Cambridge MA), Centre Pompidou de Metz, the Biennale d’art de Lyon, the Palais de Tokyo (Paris), Akbank Sanat (Istanbul), CCS Bard Hessel Museum (New-York) and the Pearl Art Museum (Shanghai).

  • Alexander Stingl

Affiliate of Global Legal Studies Network (Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme, Paris) and Paris Institute for Critical Thinking. Author of Care Power Information (2020, Routledge) The Digital Coloniality of Power (2016, Lexington/Row­­man), Between Discursivity and Sensus Communis (2010, OPUS), and Aufklärung als Flaschenpost (2009, VDM), as well as co-author with S.Weiss and S.Restivo of Worlds of ScienceCraft (1st 2014, Ashgate, 2nd 2016, Routledge). In 2019, he was named the chair of the scientific committee for “Juridifying the Anthropocene” (directed by G.Lhuilier&B.Parance which is contributing ideas and expertise for the Agence Developpmente Française and the Court de Cassation [French High Court of Appellations]. He is the managing editor of the book series Decolonial Options for the Social Sciences [Lexington/Rowman]. Formerly with the University Erlangen-Nürnberg, University Kassel, Drexel University, College of Leuphana University. Awarded various fellowships and grants, including most recently the 2018/19 Independent Scholar Fellowship (ISF4) of the Independent Social Research Foundation. In 2017, he worked under the direction of Olivier Bouin and Marc Fleurbaey on the International Panel on Social Progress (IPSP).

  • گاتان روبیلارد
  • پاریس فرانسه
  • زمانی که الگوریتم ها موج ها را می‌سازند
  • سه شنبه ۲۰ آبان
  • گاتان روبیلارد هنرمند، جامعه شناس الكساندر استینگل را به یک گفتگوی ویدیویی آنلاین دعوت می‌کند. این بحث بر تحقیقات هنرمند در مورد تکنیک‌های مدل‌سازی طوفان‌ها در نهادهای علمی مختلف متمرکز است. این تحقیقات بر اساس رزیدنسی هنری اخیر وی در انستیتوی علوم دریایی اروپا در برست انجام شده است. ثمره‌ی این رزیدنسی در سال 2019 در هر دو قالب چیدمان و پرفورمنس در فرانسه به نمایش در آمده‌است. در اقیانوس شناسی، امواج با استفاده از مدل‌های آماری مورد مطالعه قرار می‌گیرند در نتیجه ما تکاملات دریا را به شکل داده های محاسباتی می‌فهمیم. زمانی که علم چنین دنیای متغیری را به ما ارائه می دهد ما با چه چیزی روبرو می‌شویم؟ چگونه تاریخ اخیر محیط خود را درک کنیم؟ این سوالات منجر به بحث درباره موضوعاتی مانند استعمار دیجیتال ، یا "اضافه کردن آنتروپوسن به قانون" می‌شود که الکساندر استینگل در جامعه شناسی به آنها پرداخته‌است، . این کنفرانس همچنین به موضوعاتی از قبیل مجازیت، حقیقت، کپیتالوسن و خرد اقلیم شناسی می‌پردازد. ضمن اشاره به قابلیت های هنری و تغییرات محیطی و اجتماعی، در این نشست به تبادلات بین هنر و جامعه شناسی پرداخته‌می‌شود.

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