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An Audio Visual performance with Mahmood Schricker on electric setar and electronics and Nima Dehghani controlling the visuals in tempo with the music.


- Inspired by Iran's Regional Music, Dub, Techno and Persian Dastgah System.


Mahmood Schricker blends electric Persian setar and electronic music. In the process of blending these two completely diverse genres, he has made an electric setar with Behrad Gorgani that has all the intricacies of Persian setar but can also compete with electronic beats and breaks. This has allowed him to step outside of the usual ‘function’ of setar and use it as a non-ethnic instrument. This gave him the ability to compose the soundtrack of the movie “Radio Dreams” (starring Lars Ulrich of Metallica and Mohsen Namjoo) on electric setar. The film has been distributed on Amazon and has won Rotterdam’s Hivos Tiger Award. Ever since his first album “Null” he has been researching on the “regional music of Iran” and the result is his new album “El Muerte”.


The live show’s instrumentation consists of a laptop, electric setar, effects, and occasionally a synthesizer. Nima Dehghani does the visuals for this show and together they will try to take the audience on a trip to Iran and beyond.


Photos: Khalil Anvar

Music: Mahmood Schricker

Video projection designer and Director: Nima Dehghani


Video 1

Video 2

Video 3 



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