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Nima Dehghani






2016     M.F.A. Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA ,USA

2012     B.A. Architecture, Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran


Founder/ Ctrl+Z Theater Group

Co-Founder/ Peykart.com


Teaching Experience


2019     Digital Storytelling workshop for refugee students, Back to Track NGO, Berlin, Germany

2019     Digital Storytelling workshop for immigrant students, Oakland International Highschool, CA, USA

2019     Workshop: Digital theater, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran

2018     Workshop: Digital Storytelling workshop for Refugees, Emil Fischer School, Berlin, Germany

2017     Workshop: VR Digital Storytelling workshop, Inverse Visual Art School, Tehran, Iran

2016     GA, Intro to contextual practice (with Jon Rubin), CMU, School of Arts, Pittsburgh, USA

2016     GA, The Amateur- digital culture (with Jon Rubin), CMU, School of Arts, Pittsburgh, USA

2015     GA, Internet resistance (with Paolo Pedercini), CMU, School of Arts, Pittsburgh, USA

2015     GA, Temporary arts for public spaces (with Jon Rubin), CMU, School of Arts, Pittsburgh, USA

2014     Workshop: Creative Writing, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA

2014     Workshop: Performance and Multimedia, Roodaki Art Center Iran

2013     GA, Urban intervention (with Ali Momeni), CMU, School of Arts, Pittsburgh, USA

2013     Online Workshop: Creative Writing Workshop, Artiman Center, Tehran, Iran

2012     Casual Writing, Creative writing workshop, Peykart art department, Tehran Iran




Awards- Grants


2020    Best Production Award, Decompensation VR film, FINNOF Festival, Argentina

2019    Official Selection, Decompensation VR film, CPH Web series Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark

2018    Official Selection, Decompensation VR film, Harlem VR Film Festival, New York, USA

2018    Official Selection, Decompensation VR film, Kinetoscope VR Film Festival, Seattle, USA

2017    Official Selection, Decompensation VR film, FIVARS VR Film Festival, Toronto, Canada

2016    Father Richard Memorial Fund

2015    Frank-Ratchye Fund for Arts

2014    Connecting Cities Fund, Co-investigator: Ali Momeni, Telepuppet.tv, Brussels, Liverpool, Madrid

2014    Konrad and Gisela Weis Fellowship (Carnegie Mellon School of Art)

2013    Magalios Foundation Scholarship (Carnegie Mellon School of Art)

2013    Awesome Pittsburgh Grant, Pittsburgh, USA

2012    Best young Director of the year, Iran Theater forum, TheatreTehran, Iran

2012    Honored in 2012 Evolo skyscraper architecture competition, USA

2011    Best playwriting, best directing - King’s flight, Fajr international students theater festival, Iran

2011    Best original performance, World Festival of Puppet Art, The day after tomorrow, Prague, Czech

2010    First prize of playwriting, The day after tomorrow, UNIMA Puppet theatre festival, Tehran, Iran

2008    First prize of playwriting, The suspicious case, UNIMA Puppet theatre festival, Tehran, Iran

2007    First prize of playwriting, Rooster-Less, Theater for Children Biennale, Tehran, Iran


Talks, Workshops, Panels, Conference Presentations

2020     Panelist: Liveness in digital theatre, Reconnect Festival, San Francisco, Online

2020     Paper Presentation: Aesthetics of ugliness- the internet, IVSA Dublin Conference, Dublin, Ireland

2019     Artist Talk: Digital media and performing arts, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

2018     Artist Talk: My practice as an Interdisciplinary Artist, Inverse Visual Art School, Tehran, Iran

2016     CFC Media lab VR storytelling panel, Panelist, CFC Canadian Film Center, Toronto, Canada

2016     Panelist, FIVARS VR Film Festival, Toronto, Canada

2015     Panelist, Digital Storytelling Conference 2015, Northampton, USA

2015     Member of the selection committee, Open Engagement 2015,  Pittsburgh, USA

2015     Panel Discussion: Producers as international changemakers, IBT15 Festival, Bristol, UK

2014     Workshop: Creative Writing, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA

2014     Workshop: Performance and Multimedia, Roodaki Art Center, Tehran, Iran

2013     CMU. School of Art Graduate Student Presentation Night, Kresge Theater, Pittsburgh, USA

2013     CMU. School of Art Graduate Student Presentation Night, Kresge Theater, Pittsburgh, USA


Selected shows-Exhibitions



Decompensation, VR film, FINOFF Festival, Rosario, Argentina

Rhyme, VR video installation, New York, USA



"As you like it", Video projection designer, Kassel, Germany
"I am not your food ", Charles University, Prague, Czech

"I am not your food ", Beckech, Berlin, Germany

"I am not your food ", Spectrum, Emruz festival, New York, USA

"El-Muerte", Video projection designer, San Francisco, Toronto, Montreal, NYC, US and Canada

"Wounded bear".  Video projection designer, Tehran, Iran


"In Praise of Theater ", Mostaghel Theater, Tehran, Iran

"Hecuba-Helen", Video projection designer, Stanford University, Palo Alto, USA

"Routine or The Static Flood of Whimsical Thoughts in a Restless Mind, Mild",  Berkeley, USA




Decompensation” , Harlem International Film Festival, NYC, USA

Decompensation” , FIVARS VR Film Festival, Toronto, Canada

Decompensation” , 3Rivers Art Festival, Pittsburgh, USA

A VR Tour of Tehran”, Conflict Kitchen Film and Video Festival, Pittsburgh, USA

Decompensation” , The Miller gallery, Pittsburgh, USA




Big Fish Eyes” , The Frame gallery, Pittsburgh, USA

Where you stand” , 8 hour projects, Meadville College art gallery, Meadville, USA

Above”, Co-curator with Andy Field, Online Project, Tehran-London, Iran-UK

Metamorphosis , 808 Gallery, Pittsburgh, USA




"telepuppet.tv" , Augmented Puppetry, Urban Projection, Brussels, Liverpool, Madrid

MonoTalkhak” (The Clown and I), Kreuzberger HofFestSpiele Theater Festival, Berlin, Germany

MonoTalkhak” (The Clown and I), English Theater Berlin, “The 2014 Expat Expo, Berlin, Germany

Webcam”, Online Performance, www,Netformance.org, Pittsburgh, USA-Tehran, Iran

“Gross Domestic Product”(group show), (“The Body of Woman as a Battlefield”), The Mine Factory, Pittsburgh, USA




Dollar Project, Pool party”, Mote 078 Gallery, Columbus, USA

Kiss-for-Peace” (online performance), www.Netformance.org, Pittsburgh, USA

Jeanparty” (online performance), www.Netformance.org, Pittsburgh, USA

Whenever”, Ghasr Prison-Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Anyway”, Café Genre, Tehran, Iran

"Where is the capital of RioDeJaniro?", Milad Tower & Arasbaran, Tehran, Iran

Control Me”(Live Archive), Crucible Building , Pittsburgh, USA

Talk to me 2” (collaboration with Felipe Castelblanco), Ellis Gallery, Tehran-Pittsburgh, Iran-USA





The Manual”, City theater, Tehran, Iran

Denmark”, 30 performance 30 Artists Show, East Gallery, Tehran, Iran

“Salon-e- Tehrani” , (Playwright), Director: Narges Hashempoor, Dresden , Germany




Mono-Talkhak” (The clown and I), Entezami Hall, Tehran, Iran

“King’s Flight” , Fajr international festival(students), Molavi Hall, Tehran, Iran

“Horse, apple and spring”, (playwright), Director: Anahita Ghanizade, Talar Honar, Tehran, Iran

The day after tomorrow” (Playwright), City Theater, Tehran, Iran- Prague, Czech Republic

U-Turn”, (Playwright) , Director: Hamid Poorazari, IUT Parking lot , Tehran, Iran

“Orpheus” (Playwright), Director:Raha Shirazi, Entezami Hall, Tehran, Iran



Published Books


2015    “Normal” - (Playscript) - Boutimar publication

2014   “Mono-talkhak- (Playscript) - Hoze Noghre publication

2009    “The day after tomorrow”- (Playscript) - Namiesh Publication

2008    “Golestan-e- javanmarde ghassab” (Satiric poetry for young adults)- Shahr Publication

2007   “Tehran 1473” (Citizenship culture for children) - Shahr Publica


Work Experience


2020- 2020  Co-Founder and Curator, Reconnect Oline Performance Festival

2012- 2020  Founder and Director, Ctrl+Z Performance group

2014- 2012 Art Director, Rah foundation

2012-2020  Art Director, Co-Founder, Peykart (Art and media newsletter)

2016- 2017 Creative Director, iTutoregroup, SF Bay Area, USA

2012- 2017 Member of International Federation of Journalists

2015-2016  Coordinator of special projects and Researcher, Studio for Creative Inquiry, Pittsburgh, USA

2013-2016  Graphic designer, Photographer, and Videographer, Carnegie Mellon University

2013-2015  Member of the board of Iranian Students Association, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

2012-2013  Member of the editorial board, Khatkhati magazine

2012-2015  Member of the board, Iranian Playwrights’ Association, Iran Theater Forum

2010-2011  Designer and Architect, Bonsar Architecture Studio

2008-2010  Designer, Architect and Art Director, Carpira Architecture Studio

2004-2006  Copywriter and Graphic Designer, Nama Graphic Studio


Interviews, news, critics, articles about Nima Dehghani and his works:








Connecting Cities

MediaLab Prado






In Between Time Festival






















سابقه کاری

• گروه تئاتر Ctrl+Z | تهران | موسس و کارگردان هنری | 2009 تا 2018

•​ پیک اتفاقات فرهنگی هنری Peykart | موسس و مدیر هنری | 2011 تا 2018

•​ iTutorGroup Inc | سن فرانسیسکو | مدیر هنری | 2016 تا 2017

• دانشگاه ‌Carnegie Mellon University | پیتزبورگ | استادیار و محقق هنر دیجیتال/ بینارشته‌ای | 2013 تا 2016

•​ Studio for Creative Inquiry | کیوریتور پروژه‌های ویژه و طراح گرافیک | 2014 تا 2016

•​ استودیو معماری بن‌سار | تهران | آرشیتکت | 2010 تا 2012

•​ استودیو نما گرافیک | تهران | موسس و طراح گرافیک | 2007 تا 2009


سابقه سخنرانی و تدریس

•​ برگزاری ورکشاپ دیجیتال استوری تلینگ | مدرسه Emil Fitscher برلین | 2018

•​ سخنرانی در نشست CFC Media lab VR storytelling در Canadian Film Center | تورنتو، کانادا | 2016

•​ سخنرانی در پنل Fivars VR film festival | تورنتو، کانادا | 2016

•​ سخنرانی در پنل In Between Time Performance Festival | بریستول، انگلستان | 2016

•​ سخنرانی در پنل Digital storytelling conference 2016 | نورثهمپتون، آمریکا | 2016

•​ برگزاری ورکشاپ Performance and Multimedia در مرکز فرهنگی هنری رودکی | تهران | 2014

•​ برگزاری ورکشاپ نویسندگی خلاق | دانشگاه USC لس آنجلس | 2014

•​ برگزاری ورکشاپ آنلاین نویسندگی خلاق در Artiman Center | تهران | 2013

•​ برگزاری ورکشاپ نویسندگی خلاق در دپارتمان هنری Peykart | تهران | 2012


نمایشگاه‌ها و اجرها


• طراحی ویدیو پروجکشن "‌Helen-Hecuba" | دانشگاه  استنفورد، آمریکا | 2018

• صحنه‌خوانی "This Damn Boat" | Golden Thread Theater Company | سانفرانسیسکو آمریکا | 2018

• نمایش "در ستایش تئاتر و تهران و تله کامیونیکیشن" | تئاتر مستقل | تهران، ایران | 2017

• نمایش "سیل ساکن تفکرات نا آرام" | Central Stage | برکلی، آمریکا | 2017

• ویدیو پرفورمنس "Decompensation" |FIVARS VR Film Festival | تورنتو، کانادا | 2016

• نمایشگاه "Decompensation" | 3Rivers Art Festival | پیتزبورگ، آمریکا | 2016

• ویدیو اینستالیشن "A VR Tour of Tehran" | Conflict Kitchen Film and Video Festival | پیتزبورگ، آمریکا | 2016

• نمایشگاه ویدیو واقعیت مجازی "Big Fish Eyes" | The Frame gallery | پیتزبورگ، آمریکا | 2015

• نمایشگاه "Where you stand" | مدیویل، آمریکا | 2015

• نمایشگاه "Above" | Online Project | تهران،ایران | لندن،انگلستان | 2016

• نمایشگاه "Metamorphosis" | 808 Gallery | پیتزبورگ، آمریکا | 2015

• اجرای ویدئو پروجکشن شهری "telepuppet.tv" | مادرید، بروکسل، لیورپول | 2014

• نمایش "MonoTalkhak" |  Kreuzberger HofFestSpiele Theater Festival| برلین، آلمان | 2014

• پرفورمنس "Webcam" | Online Performance|  www.Netformance.org | 2014

• پرفورمنس "Whenever" | زندان قصر | تهران، ایران | 2013

• پرفورمنس "Anyway" | کافه ژانر | تهران، ایران | 2013

• نمایشگاه "Control Me" | Crucible Building  | پیتزبورگ، آمریکا | 2013

• نمایشگاه "Talk to me 2" با همکاریFelipe Castelblanco | Ellis Gallery | پیتزبورگ، آمریکا | 2013

• نمایشگاه "The Manual" | تئاتر شهر | تهران، ایران | 2012

• پرفورمنس "Denmark" | گالری ایست | تهران، ایران | 2012

• نمایش "Mono-Talkhak" | تالار انتظامی | تهران، ایران | 2012

• Frank-Ratchye Fund for Arts | 2015

•​ ​Connecting Cities Grant, Co-investigator with Ali Momeni | 2014

•​ بورس تحصیلی Magalios Foundation | 2013

•​ جایزه Awesome Pittsburgh ا 2013

•​ بهترین کارگردان جوان سال از سوی خانه تئاتر ایران | تهران | 2012

•​ برنده جایزه بهترین کارگردانی در بخش دانشجویی چهاردهمین جشنواره تئاتر فجر | ایران | 2011

•​ برنده جایزه بهترین پرفورمنس غیر اقتباسی از Festival of Puppet Art | شهر پراگ جمهوری چک | 2011

•​ برنده مقام نخست نمایشنامه‌نویسی در دوسالانه تئاتر کودکان | ایران | 2007

•​ نویسنده کتاب "سیل ساکن تفکرات نا‌آرام" (نمایشنامه) | انتشاراتBoutimar  | 2015

•​ نویسنده کتاب "منو تلخک" (نمایشنامه) | انتشارات حوض نقره | 2014

•​ نویسنده کتاب "پس‌آن‌فردا" (نمایشنامه) | انتشارات نمایش | 2009


I am a transdisciplinary artist who employs various technologies to negotiate human experience towards a heightened awareness of estrangement and displacement. Born in Iran and practicing in the U.S., I have developed a unique and eclectic approach to working with people and technology that is influenced by a variety of cultural customs and codified by my personal experiences. I construct hypermediated and highly systematized social architectures through theater, film, and participatory digital forums, encouraging players to search for evidence of the sensual, thereby constructing space for inter and intrapersonal connection. Contemporary Middle Eastern Studies is central to my research, where communication hacking, creative social justice divination, and implicit politics are requisites. 


In my work, I amplify distance between people through mediated technologies, compelling my audience to seek association and perform in tandem with their community to collectively author their world. In doing so, the audience becomes a participant in the work and agent of change in their communities. 

Experiential and highly collaborative, my process disavows loyalty to traditional methodologies of the disciplines within which I practice, weaving new networks of mechanization and inviting unfamiliar audiences to resurrect their relationship to curiosity and play among even the most sobering of topics. 

Transnational migration is among one of the most complex global issues of our time and promises to expand its scope in the coming decades. “telepuppet.tv” is a crowd-sourced storytelling platform that combines augmented puppetry with online image sharing and IRL projection performance. “telepuppet.tv” employs the technologies, idioms, and aesthetics of TV News to interweave stories about the experience of immigration with orchestrated conversation and choreographed puppetry in public space. 


As an architect of fragmented realities, my work destabilizes and then furnishes space for the byproducts of that destabilization. “Decompensation” is a five-channel virtual reality film that attempts to recreate the psychological stages which refugees pass through when moving and settling into a new socio-cultural context over the span of many years: Early Arrival, Destabilization, Exploration, Return to Normal life, and Decompensation. In this participatory piece, the theme of displacement is communicated through music, performance, and 360-degree video. 

With a professional background in architecture, theater, and film, my work has the capacity to invite a diversity of audiences and participants to engage in themes of migration, diaspora, and home. Whether affecting agency through repurposing theatrical roles among audience and actor, designing environments, or illustrating the emotive and sensual, VR allows me to deconstruct and rearrange reality in the most immediate forums for my participants, as well as satisfying the replacement and reorientation that I work towards as a collective percipience social space - one in which new modes of being can be imagined and histories can be revised.