Nima is a multidisciplinary artist, writer, and designer. Born in Tehran, Iran in 1986.

Humans, communication, individual conflicts and social discriminations, have been the subject of most of his works. With a background in architecture and theater, he strives to build the most comprehensible virtual venues to convey his thoughts, to focus on the notion of displacement, home, diaspora and the purest relationship between human and space: Migration.

Nima works predominantly in the medium of performing arts, video and digital media. His research revolves around the core of Middle Eastern studies, social behavior in online networks and performativity of social actions.

Nima got his BA's in Architecture from University of Science and Technology in Iran, and then moved to the US and received his Master of Fine Arts degree from Carnegie Mellon University with emphasis on digital media and performance.

Nima is currently based in San Francisco, teaches and works predominantly in the medium of theater and digital storytelling in Tehran and Berlin as well.


Most of his past works have been performed or shown in Iran before 2012, and after that mainly in the US and different festivals in Spain, UK, Belgium, Czech, Georgia, and Germany.

As a playwright and director, Nima has won several awards, the last one before he leaves Iran was "The best young director of the year" from Iranian theater directors’ center in 2012.