Selected shows-Exhibitions




"As You Like it", Kassel Staats Theater , Kassel, Germany
"VR Flying Carpet", Flying Carpet Festival, Mardin, turkey

"I am not your food ", Charles University, Prague, Czech

"I am not your food ", Beckech, Berlin, Germany

"I am not your food ", Spectrum, Emruz festival, New York, USA

"El-Muerte", Video projection designer, San Francisco, Toronto, Montreal, NYC, US and Canada

"Wounded bear".  Video projection design, Tehran, Iran




"El-Muerte", Audio Visual Performance in collaboration with Mahmood Schricker, Central Stage, Berkeley

"Helena, Hecuba", Video projection design. Director: Rush Reh, Stanford University

"Migraaaaaants", Golden Thread Productions“ June 26, Brava Theater, San Fransisco

In Praise of Theater, Tehran, and Telecommunication”, Mostaghel Theater, Tehran




"Routine or The Static Flood of Whimsical Thoughts in a Restless Mind, Mild", March 9th, Central Stage, Richmond




Decompensation”, FIVARS VR Film Festival, Toronto, Canada

Decompensation”, 3Rivers Art Festival, Pittsburgh, USA

A VR Tour of Tehran”, Conflict Kitchen Film and Video Festival, Pittsburgh, USA

Decompensation”, The Miller Gallery, Pittsburgh, USA



Big Fish Eyes”, The Frame Gallery, Pittsburgh, USA

Where you stand”, 8-hour projects, Meadville College art gallery, Meadville, USA

Above”, Co-curator with Andy Field, Online Project, Tehran-London, Iran-UK

“Metamorphosis, 808 Gallery, Pittsburgh, USA




"", Augmented Puppetry, Urban Projection, Brussels, Liverpool, Madrid

MonoTalkhak” (The Clown and I), Kreuzberger HofFestSpiele Theater Festival, Berlin, Germany

MonoTalkhak” (The Clown and I), English Theater Berlin, “The 2014 Expat Expo, Berlin, Germany

Webcam”, Online Performance, www,, Pittsburgh, USA-Tehran, Iran

“Gross Domestic Product”(group show), (“The Body of Woman”), The Mine Factory, Pittsburgh, USA




Dollar Project, Pool party”, Mote 078 Gallery, Columbus, USA

Kiss-for-Peace” (online performance),, Pittsburgh, USA

Jean party” (online performance),, Pittsburgh, USA

Whenever”, Ghasr Prison-Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Anyway”, Café Genre, Tehran, Iran

"Where is the capital of RioDeJaniro?", Milad Tower & Arasbaran, Tehran, Iran

Control Me”(Live Archive), Crucible Building, Pittsburgh, USA

Talk to me 2” (collaboration with Felipe Castelblanco), Ellis Gallery, Tehran-Pittsburgh, Iran-USA




The Manual”, City theater, Tehran, Iran

Denmark”, 30 performance 30 Artists Show, East Gallery, Tehran, Iran

“Salone- Tehrani”, (Playwright), Director: Narges Hashempoor, Dresden, Germany